I, D.K., do attest, depose and say:

I was referred by another patient who stayed with me through a visit with the paramedics during an asthma attack to the clinic. My diagnosis: Severe Persistant Asthma with life-threatening asthma attacks 4-9 times a week as well as flares and chronic bronchial infections. I often wondered if there was an allergic component. My prognosis was progressive and irreversible and my medication was not controlling my asthma. I was told I needed a lung transplant as my capacity was only at 60%.

When I finally saw Cambor after several visits with the doctor and testing, she asked extensive questions before beginning testing in order to understand my medical history and the medications I was on. She was very clear with me about the fact that she could not counsel me on my medication and I should refer them to my pulmonologist.

Cambor is highly efficient with the muscle testing she does. She has identified allergies for me that I was completely unaware of. At first I was highly skeptical, but my quality of life has improved immensely with Cambor’s suggestions on my environment and a few nutritional supplements. Cambor has been unbelievably helpful in identifying my allergies and I am surprised by the accuracy of her observations. Since beginning treatment at the Center for Environmental Medicine, I have fewer infections, fewer attacks and my last flare was 4 months since the one before it. I cannot stress enough how much this has affected my quality of life. I am on fewer steroids and have lost a substantial amount of weight.

Within a few weeks of my first visit, Cambor identified I was sulfite sensitive. She advised that I go off a group of foods, all of which were in my refrigerator at home. Now that I have not eaten the foods containing this particular chemical compound for more than 2 months, my reaction to those foods is immediately obvious. I have an asthma attack if I even prepare any of the foods in the group for my children. Cambor has also identified allergies to about 20 herbs and spices. I have removed those from my diet and my respiratory health continues to improve. My husband has repeatedly expressed to me how happy he is that I have gotten so much better just by staying off the specified foods.

She was surprised by some of my reactions which she said was indicative of active airway disease. After a pulmonary function test, my pulmanologist agreed with her. My lung capacity had reversed!

D.K., 04/27/2009, State of Oregon, County of Multnomah


The intent of this letter is to outline the immeasurable value the services at Center for Environmental Medicine’s allergy lab has provided for both my son and me along with nutritional counseling by Cambor Wade. The allergy work described below was enhanced by the nutritional supplements to help mediate allergy & assist with stress.

I had sought medical help for my allergies for over 3 decades, as numerous tests had shown endless allergies to foods, airbornes, and I had chemical sensitivities. Those allergies eventually manifested into other medical conditions. As a result, my diet was very limited, and physical and social activities restricted.

With no significant relief from other clinics and allergists, my doctor who provided allergy services himself, referred me to the Center where I was tested in the allergy lab mainly using provocative neutralization. As I was tested, and antigens were administered, I immediately began feeling significantly better and eventually other medical conditions began to subside. I was able to expand my diet, participate in outside activities, and my emotional wellbeing was restored, all of which significantly affect an individual’s personal and professional life.

When I had my son, I knew almost immediately that he had health issues which was diagnosed, in part, as an autism spectrum disorder. Hypersensitivities to foods and inhalants definitely aggravated his condition. Life seemed to over stimulate him as he showed signs of obsessive-compulsiveness, inattentiveness although he is very bright. He would draw attention to his behavior at times of excitement because he looked and behaved autistic. After testing and antigens administered, he began to show improvement in his emotional, physical and cognitive development. A couple years ago I was warned how poorly he performed on a social level but is now able to adapt. He had irrational fear at time as well. I am proud to say that my son is able to mainstream into a school environment this week as he starts Kindergarten and his teacher says he has had stellar days. The allergy work provided by the Center, along with other recommendations, my son is now able to function without the antigens and he is doing incredibly well.

In summary, the allergy lab and nutrition work has greatly and positively affected our lives, beyond what can briefly be stated in this letter.

K.E. 09/05/2008


After looking for several years for answers to our son’s problems of seizures and an inability to control himself, we finally found the Center for Environmental Medicine (CEM). CEM began with allergy testing so that we would have at least some relief from the ever-growing outbursts of anger seizures caused by allergy and hypersensitivity. He could eat only brown rice and distilled water without any kind of repercussion. CEM found that our son reacted to almost everything.

His pediatrician explained to us that our son’s allergies often happen on the inside of his body rather than the “traditional” exterior rashes, runny noses. itchy-watery eyes that most people get. Although he also gets those from time to time, the antigens that we have been able to use from CEM have, we believe, saved his life is a myriad of ways. First, it has allowed our son to live a more normal existence. His diet was pared down so extremely by his reactions tothe increase in allergies, he was not eating well or healthfully. Second, they allow him a chance at controlling his own life. When he has a reaction, it “lights a fuse” with his emotions that burns immediately hot and out of control without the antigens.

As a small child, it would often take both my husband and myself to restrain him from self-harm, and we are not small people. The correct antigen neutralized the reaction. He is on medication but without the antigen to neurtralize the dyes and fillers, the medications absolutely do not work at all. We have seen firsthand, the CEM clinic’s antigens keep him from jumping out a two-story window when he was too overwrought with allergic reaction to think clearly. We have seen him transformed from a “fight or flight” mode (on more than one occasion it was flight – and in a public arena). We believe that he will not survive without their continued care. His medical doctors (listed below) concur. They have seen these reactions firsthand and have not only encouraged us, but have insisted that we continue using CEM’s allergy testing and antigens as part of his continued treatment.

T & P Parents, 09/25/2008


I, B M. N, sworn under oath do depose and say that I am a patient at Center for Environmental Medicine (CEM) in Portland, Oregon and have seen Cambor Wade as part of my treatment plan. I further state that

* I have always been aware that Cambor Wade is a certified nutritionist and allergy Ecology Specialist, and I have met with her several times.

* Cambor Wade has tested me for and supplied me with antigens for food and environmental allergies, and advised me regarding nutrition and supplementation.

* It’s my firm belief that my health would continue to be seriously degraded if it weren’t for the nutrition and allergy work CEM has provided me. I have seen and been treated by about half a dozen practitioners, allergists, and medical doctors, and have obtained no long-lasting relief with any other treatment that was practical to maintain on a day-to-day basis, year after year. Cambor immediately identified that I was deficient in enzymes which dramatically improved my digestion. Her unique skill of muscle testing quickly eliminates supplements that may not be good for me.

B.M.N., 01/03/2009, State of Oregon, County of Multnomah


I have been seeing Cambor Wade since early 90′s under the license of Dr. H and now Dr. O. My health while under the care of Dr. O. has improved almost 100%. In the allergy lab, I was treated for food and chemical sensitivities, pollens and molds. The method of treatment for food and chemicals is mainly oral administration of homeopathic antigens from testing by provocative neutralization. I also take mold and pollen antigens.

The provocative testing happens like this: I record my symptoms exactly the way I am feeling when I come in. Cambor muscle tests a group of antigens that I am suppose to be tested for. She selects an antigen, writes down the dose and administers it under my tongue. Ten or so minutes later I record my symptoms-usually I come in with symptoms so she repeats this process until my symptoms are removed. My main symptoms have to do with asthma and the antigens work. They make it so I breathe most of the time without any issues whatsoever. She never gives me an antigen unless she records it.

Ten years ago I was miserable in June and would suffer if I went outside. I can go out two days in a row now with no ill effects. Once the chemical sensitivities were identified, except for milk, my diet has not been limited. My stomach always was cramping and hurting but that is gone.

I have found the allergy work definitely valuable. After I started coming to the clinic for about six months, I asked my husband if hs thought it was worth the money. He said definitely because he noticed a big difference.

Regarding nutrition, I have restless leg syndrome. When I discussed this with Cambor, she presented me with information showing this is a nutritional deficiency. She discussed it with the doctor, I was given a supplement and my symptoms were eliminated. I find her knowledge as a nutritionist to be very valuable.

D., 03/05/2009, State of Oregon, County of Linn


My aunt called to complain that she couldn’t get her doctor to order a lab test she wanted. She was very indignant. Here she was trying to be very pro-active about her health and he wouldn’t let her. I had to laugh. I asked, “So, since when is a lab test pro-active? These tests have been done dozens of times and the result is always the same. My question is have you stopped smoking? Have you stopped drinking diet pop every day? THAT is being proactive about your health! ”

Her response was, “No.”

A moment later she said, “Well, what about my bone density? Shouldn’t he test that? It’s been six month and I have been on that Boniva. This is the third medication I have taken and none of them seem to help and I don’t like the side effects.”

“And how much pop do you drink a day? You are a small person. You have been drinking that stuff up to a six pack a day since you were in your 20’s. What you have been doing is slowly chelating bone out with an imbalanced phosphorous level every day for the past 40 years. You used the wrong type of calcium for years before you finally approached me. Do you really think a bone scan is going to change the result just because you take a pill or an injection?”

“Well, I drink the pop to give me energy. That is why I’ve always drank it and why your cousin drinks it all the time too.”

“Has your fatigue changed?” I asked.


Here is a woman who used my cousin as an example perhaps suggesting an alliance? My cousin has advanced COPD, has smoked for at least 30 years, is much larger than my aunt, has osteoporosis due to drinking pop and use of medications. Finally, after 12 years of discussing this with my aunt, she did the research. She couldn’t believe how bad “that stuff” is and was disturbed that the aspartame converts to formaldehyde in the brain. She called to tell me she has been off pop for a month now. The fatigue is the same; no better and no worse. What has changed is she actually is being pro-active about her health now. Maybe we can get somewhere now with her complaints. The next step will be addressing the smoking issue.

Cambor Wade, 03/2013


I am a retired RN and previously worked with the Joint Commission. I have known Cambor Wade for years since I was a patient at a clinic in Vancouver, Washington. I have benefited from the allergy treatment over the years and also her suggestions as a certified nutritionist.

Ten years ago I suddenly developed congestive heart failure along with some other issues which required a large regime of medications. She has only worked with me on the level of nutrition and has never offered any advice as to weaning off of the drugs even though I have expressed that desire repeatedly. Repeatedly she states she is not a doctor and not qualified to give advice in that area and refers me back to my doctor. I will say though some of her suggestions I believe helped me reduce my medication. She encouraged me to exercise as did my physician.

I recommended Cambor’s work. I recommended Cambor’s work in allergy to my sister who had significant issues with eating resulting in massive migraine headaches and other symptoms. My brother-in-law drove her from Utah and then waited in the waiting room certain she would need to be taken to the ER. The expected trips to ER never occurred. My sister returned home in a couple of weeks able to eat a full diet, minimal supplements were added and finally she fully recovered. She hasn’t used the antigens for years. I highly recommend Cambor Wade as a nutritionist who specializes in environmental issues. Her knowledge is practical in that she has recovered from her own health issues.

B.T.H., 02/10/2009

Over the past 20 years I have suffered with multiple chemical sensitivities, food and inhalant intolerance, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and other environmental illnesses. I have been to several prestigious clinics throughout the country, including the Mayo Clinic. It was not until I was seen in the allergy department at Northwest Center for Environmental Medicine, where I first met Cambor Wade, that I was able to find reasons and solutions to my illnesses.

It was the work in the allergy lab of the clinic that doctors were able to create a program of wellness on my behalf. By following the recommended diet, daily supplementation of nutrients and homeopathic antigens, I have recovered to where I am able to carry on a “nearly normal” lifestyle. I have been stranded without my homeopathic antigens and experienced severe to moderate reactions ranging from nausea, skin rashes, muscle spasms, weakness and fatigue, vomiting, severe pain of the joints and muscles, bowel incontinence and fainting. Antigens work to resolve all these symptoms. Needless to say, the allergy clinic is vital to me.

I have lived in New England, Florida, and on Guam and have flown back to the clinic for treatment on a regular basis, it is that necessary to me. I have searched for other solutions to my situation, but found none. The work provided by Cambor is truly a matter of life or no life for me.

Naturally, I have gotten to know Cambor over the years and always have found her to be honest and work for the benefit of the patient to acclimate to the world they live in.

J.K.L., 09/09/2008