Heart Health


Classic factors associated with heart disease risk explain only 50% of cases are:

  • Age
  • Male Gender
  • Heredity
  • High Blood Cholesterol
  • Excess LDL (referred to as bad cholesterol)
  • Low HDL (referred to as good cholesterol)
  • Excess Triglycerides (caused for simple sugar intake)
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes- causes accelerated aging
  • Smoking

Smoking increases risk of developing cardiovascular disease two to four times greater than a non-smoker.

Watch this video describing efforts to raise awareness about heart disease among women.

Other Risk Factors Associated with Arterial Disease:

  • Gender-includes women after menopause
  • Race-certain non-caucasian races are also at higher risk.
  • Elevated C-Reactive Protein (an inflammatory marker)
  • Excess Insulin
  • High Glucose
  • Low Free Testosterone
  • Excess Fibrinogen (clotting factor)
  • Excess Homocysteine (Nutrient deficiency)
  • Physical Inactivity
  • Obesity
  • Stress

Obesity & Overweight-Visceral body fat-fat around organs is dangerous.

Drinking too much alcohol can increase blood pressure, lead to stoke or heart failure and contribute to other problems.

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