Getting Started

Nutritional Counseling 

In an effort to support your investment in your health and nutrition, information regarding nutrition and health habits is free. Why?  Compliance is important for success and situations, circumstances, and events have an impact on us and adjustments need to be made.  If concern for money is an issue, then that becomes a barrier for responsible followup and compliance.


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On-site visits are vitual visits.

Request your appointment time by email or phone.  Email address is  Phone is 503-880-4974

Availability is Monday-Thursday from 10:00am to 4:00pm by appointment only unless otherwise agreed upon.


I prefer to connect by phone for intake, questions, account setup and responses.  This gives us a few moments together to consider what we both will bring to the table.   Please call 503-880-4974.

Once You Have Scheduled

Fill out New Client Forms.

Collect records you wish to send or bring.  Find a release form suitable for record acquisition of labs, consults, office visits.

We connect as agreed upon, and let’s get to work!