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Antioxidants – The Powerful Trio – Fighting Diabetes ALC

Acetyl-l-Carnatine                               Part 3                      This product is derived from lysine and methionine and is synthesized in the liver and kidneys.  It is found in highest concentrations in tissues that use fatty acids such as skeletal and cardiac muscle as it helps fatty acid oxidation-the process of transport across the mitochondra membrane to allow for oxidation of [...] more

Antioxidants – The Powerful Trio – Fighting Diabetes – L-Carnosine

  L- CARNOSINE            Part 2 Part 1              Alpha Lipoic Acid        Part 3              Acetyl-l-Carnatine n 1900 in Moscow, Gulevitsch and Amiradgibi isolated a new compound.  In 1994 Professor Steven Charles Gallant attention was drawn to an experiment and found that when l-carnosine was added to old human cells in a culture, it was able to rejuvenate the [...] more

Antioxidants – The Powerful Trio- Fighting Diabetes -ALA

  Alpha Lipoic Acid                                          Part 1 Part 2          L- Carnosine                  to follow Part 3          Acetyl-l-Carnatine    to follow  A landmark study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the 1950′s after Eli Lilly backed the discovery of the important synthetic amino acid alpha lipoic acid (ALA). (1)  The study shows the synergistic affects [...] more